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You’ve Taken the First Step. Now it’s Time to Complete the Process.

PGC Class Defense

If you are a participant in the Justice Pharma Program, a Class Defence is planned on your behalf by Profitable Giving Canada (PGC). Justice Trading and PGC have teamed up to assist people who are both Justice Participants and PGC Members facing CRA reassessments.

Clearly, the tax shelter companies will not be providing the support you need. The CRA’s collection actions are inevitable, and the PGC Class Defence is the only way to effectively fight your case in Tax Court.

Anyone who does not join this initiative now might have to face collection or take the case to court on their own. This can be an expensive, time-consuming burden, and might well result in undesired consequences.

The PGC Initiative may well be the only opportunity you have left to defend yourself in a Class Defence. If you join at a later date, the cost is likely to be much higher.

Yes – you’ve already taken the first crucial step of settling your donation debt using the Justice Pharma Program. But now you must take the next step and join the Class Defence.

You’ve put your faith in Justice, and witnessed, day by day, document by document, pill by pill, that we are trustworthy and capable. Now we ask you to trust PGC, a highly professional organization, as well.

If the entire Justice family joins in, we’ll be well-positioned to win the case – there is strength in numbers.

So protect yourself. Join the PGC Class Defence today.
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Note: The PGC Class Defence cannot defend donations that remain unsettled. If you have any unsettled donation debts, please let us know and we can help you.