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The Proof of Delivery Evidence

Tax Shelter POD Evidence

Over the past two and a half years, Justice Trading has struggled to settle donors debt compliantly, in accordance with the contracts and tax laws. After a long period of battles, a huge investment of resources, and excessive back and forth, Justice eventually received a Proof of Delivery (“POD”) document from the RLG and PGI tax shelter programs, for 577 Justice Trading participants. This document is evidence that the medications were delivered to the designated recipients.

The POD is third-party, written evidence of a factual event that cannot be disputed; regardless of what the programs claim in the future, there is now black and white proof of complete and compliant debt settlement.

This is a serious and monumental achievement that touches on everyone; even if your particular suborder has not yet been delivered or you have not yet purchased from Justice. The POD is proof that all obstacles of concern have been overcome and in the end we prevailed.

Justice can now provide evidence packages for suborders from RLG and PGI; the POD is the most important piece of proof that each donor needs in order to finalize their debt settlements. Receipt of this document is the culmination of the entire process and gives meaning to it all.

This is a celebration, a victory; we succeeded in crossing the finish line. We know what we are doing and will continue to defend donors, secure their rights and go to task on their behalf.