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The Debt Settlement Program

The Justice Pharma Debt Settlement Program was set up to assist people who utilized the COIP (Canadian Organization for International Philanthropy), RLG (Relief Lending Group), MLF (Mission Life Financial Inc) and PGI (Pharma Gifts International Inc) pharmaceutical donation tax shelter programs. Many of those people now find themselves in a confusing predicament. When they took part in the various tax shelter schemes, they were promised help in settling their loans when the time came. Now, they are unclear of how to best comply with their loan repayment.

This is where the Justice Pharma Debt Settlement Program comes to your assistance. The program was designed to provide a thorough, fully legal means to comply with all of your obligations. It leverages the knowledge and expertise of pharmaceutical vendors, logistics specialists, legal professionals, fourth sector entrepreneurs, industry experts and regulators, together with tax shelter participants (donors/debtors) to offer you the optimal, most cost-effective solutions for your personal predicament.