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The “Final Evidence Packages”

We are excited to announce that the first round of “Final Evidence Packages” that is queued for distribution is in production! The Final Evidence Packages will include the pertinent documentation and testimony needed to unequivocally substantiate the complete fulfillment of all outstanding contractual debt obligations in connection with the COIP, RLG, MLF and PGI tax shelter program. Additionally, the Final Evidence Packages also support the perfection of your tax shelter donation claims in accordance with Canadian tax law, and can be provided to the CRA or courts upon request.

Anytime the promoters or the CRA approach you, the Final Evidence Package is intended as a primary resource that will cover all substantive and pertinent aspects of the entire spectrum of relevant questions that we and our counsel are able to envision. We will do everything possible to support you around the clock and around the world, so please should you receive any inquiries about your debt settlement from either the promoter/s or the CRA, please do not respond to them directly before providing us the opportunity to give you our suggested response.

Beyond our comprehensive assistance, Profitable Giving Canada (“PGC”) provides participants a variety of invaluable services and for its members it provides specific exclusive services, including, but not limited to, access to the growing Universal Participant Protection Fund (“UPPF”) which is additional layer of financial protection. We highly recommend becoming an annual member of PGC;

Currently the evidence that each participant receives from Justice, as part of their Final Evidence Package (upon delivery of their pharma to the Designated Recipient), is as follows:

  1. Escrow Events Documentation:
    • Confirmation of Deposit
    • Confirmation of Order of the Pharmaceuticals
    • Pro-Forma Transfer of Title and Official Transfer of Title
    • Statement/s of Account
    • Final Receipt
  2. Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing:
    • Active WHO-GMP Accreditation
    • Laboratory Certificate/s of Analysis
    • Third Party Certificate/s of Analysis (Although this was not actually contractually required)
    • Certificate/s of Origin
  3. Relevant Communication and Documentation for/by Designated Recipient
  4. In the event of an inquiry by the revenue authorities or legal proceedings we are permitted to provide each participant with independent audits conducted by:
    • Ernst & Young Audit Report that outlines all systems and effects of the Justice Pharma Program™.
    • KPMG Stock and Delivery Audits conducted on a rolling basis performing independent stock audits and full delivery analysis and verifications, as evidence that specifically treats every pill produced independently.
    • Others if applicable
  5. Any relevant statements, opinions or letters from Doris Law pertaining to your particular settlement of debt. (i.e. Suborder)

Moving forward, please keep in mind that the Justice Pharma Program™ was created by donors, for donors, and we are determined to reach out and help all participants in the COIP, RLG, MLF, and PGI tax shelter programs, who are being targeted as a part of the promoters’ Billion Dollar Debt Collection Campaign.