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Draconian tactics now being used to dupe donors

Tax Shelter Operators Using Intimidation Tactics

Apparently, greed knows no limit. It has come to our attention that the tax shelter operators and their affiliates have intensified their collection tactics and many donors have begun receiving 10-day deadlines, final demand emails, threatening letters, phone calls and even surprise visits by collection officers at their homes! understands that these communications and threats are extremely troubling. However, donors should be aware that such intimidation strategies are unlawful. Furthermore, donors should be advised that any threats made by collection agents to commence criminal proceedings against you are also baseless. The repayment of a loan is a civil issue, not a criminal matter.

If you have received any such communications from tax shelter operators or their collection agents, we urge you to contact us and forward these documents to us, via Doris Law. The address for documents and correspondence is:

Justice Pharma program
C/o Doris Law Office
222 Somerset Street, W., 2nd Floor
Ottawa, ON K2P 2G3


Misguided Tax Strategy

Certain reputable organizations have advised clients to whom they sold COIP and MLF tax shelter programs in the past that “no additional funds are owed.”  An email that was sent out to these clients contains many inaccuracies and bad advice under the guise of we “gain nothing from this advice except knowing past donors won’t be taken advantage of.”

Apparently, when these programs were sold, promises may have been made that were in contradiction to Canadian tax laws. While Fast Track Tax Strategy claims that you owe nothing, that does not conform to the legal contract you signed.

If you  have tax shelter loans for which you have chosen to “wait and see,” you run many risks that you should be aware of. You should be able to make an intelligent informed decision based on all the facts and on Canadian law.