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Recent Accomplishments from the Justice Pharma Debt Settlement Program



The Justice Pharma Program has been exceedingly busy recently, and we are excited to share a handful of our recent achievements and updates with you.


The Justice Pharma Program’s overwhelming success, by the numbers:

  • 2137 of approximately 10,000 tax shelter participants have joined the Justice Pharma Program to settle their debts.
  • 1216 of those participants have completed the debt settlement process and received the Personal Evidence Packages.
  • Over $170,000,000 worth of debt amount stewarded through the Justice solution, $90,000,000 of it completely settled.

PGC continues its Endorsement of the Justice Pharma Program

The Justice Pharma Program is the only debt settlement solution authorized by the industry regulator Profitable Giving Canada (PGC).

PGC is the only self-regulatory organization (SRO) commissioned to generally oversee and build Canada’s emerging Fourth Sector and to specifically regulate otherwise unregulated Fourth Sector initiatives that require it. PGC’s goal is to provide a regulatory environment for certain Profitable Giving initiatives in Canada, the first of which is the regulation of Registered Profitable Gifting Arrangements. These are often referred to as donation tax shelters, and are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

19 months after the original endorsement, PGC undertook a second review of the Justice Pharma Debt Settlement Program. This was done to ensure that PGC members who participated in the program were receiving the anticipated services and results. This second review has resulted in a new and continuing endorsement of the Justice Pharma Program. You can see the full results of this second review by clicking HERE.

Massive attendance at our seminars…

Justice Trading recently sponsored a number of PGC seminars specifically tailored to participants of the COIP, RLG, MLF, and PGI pharmaceutical donation tax shelter programs. Hundreds attended these seminars and were excited by the financial and emotional peace of mind that the Justice Pharma Program solution offers – and many have already followed up to start the debt settlement process!

We encourage you to register for one of the upcoming PGC seminars to learn more about the solutions available to participants of these programs.

New additions to the Justice Team
Justice Trading is proud to welcome two former senior agents of COIP, MLF, RLG and PGI tax shelter programs. After coming to the realization that the Justice Pharma Program approach provides the only compliant debt settlement solution available to the tax shelters participants, they have chosen to work with us to help the tax shelter participants to settle their debt completely and compliantly. Welcome to the team!

Protect Yourself – Act now!

We once again strongly encourage all participants in the Justice Pharma Program who have yet to join the PGC Class Defense to do so as soon as possible. Joining the PGC Class Defense is the only viable way to defend against the CRA reassessments unless you are prepared to either defend yourself in Tax Court or pay back the CRA. The cost of joining the Class will increase shortly, so don’t delay any longer!


A Rare Glimpse Behind the Scenes
Below are some newly shot photos from within our factory of our most recent bulk shipments (after manufacturing and before the audit process and the delivery to the tax shelter programs).

In conclusion

Justice Trading is the only pharmaceutical company that provides both pharmaceuticals and the complete bundle of services required for debt settlement. We are committed; working around the clock, and around the globe, to carry out our mission to help people affected by COIP, RLG, MLF, and PGI pharmaceutical donation tax shelter programs.

Justice Pharma Program participants whose debt settlement process is underway can rest assured. We’re handling the process for you and we will update you every step of the way until the applicable debts are settled and your Personal Evidence Package is ready.

Finally: a little reminder that there is strength in numbers.

As the number of people choosing to settle their debts through the Justice Pharma Program (and join the PGC Class Defense) increases, so do your chances of winning your case in Tax Court. If you’ve had a good experience with the program, and know others that might benefit, please spread the word!