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PGC Seminars – Tax Shelters and the CRA

Due to overwhelming inquiries of exasperated and downright scared PGC members PGC is now in a position to bring open town all events across Canada to their members and to the community enlarge to reveal, to discuss and to provide solutions for the current emergency that is faced in the debt settlements and collection issues and the shocking development in the reassessments of the COIP, RLG, MLF and PGI tax shelter programs.

  • COIP- Canadian Organization for International Philanthropy.
  • RLG- Relief Lending Group Ltd.
  • MLF- Mission Life Financial Inc.
  • PGI- Pharma Gifts International Inc.


As can be reviewed in PGC’s Investigations section, PGC has extensive investigation evidence publicized on its website for you to read and to go through regarding the activities of the COIP, RLG, MLF and PGI and their affiliated related companies.

Furthermore, PGC also has much news to report regarding the evolving position of the CRA pertaining to reassessments, objections and court cases not to mention with holding of refunds and legal actions currently being taken against them.

This affects you and your immediate attention is required!

The PGC seminars will be led by a qualified and accredited specialist, who will present the issues and the evidence and explain the evolution of the situation, and share this evidence and compliance solutions with the participants.

There is no obligation and there is no cost!

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Alberta Seminar

PGC Seminar in Alberta – Tax Shelters and the CRA