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PGC Class Action – Make Sure you CLOSE THE LOOP!



As was indicated in this past spring, Justice Trading [Justice] is gathering all of the documentation necessary to provide Justice Pharma Program’s participants [Participants] with a Final Evidence Package. The Evidence Package will not only contain the documents the Participant need to prove his tax compliant debt settlement process, but an independent Complaints, Product, and Inventory Audit conducted by a well-known international company will verify the authenticity of the documents. The audit will be available to prove the debt settlement if requested by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The Evidence Package will help secure the tax credits with the CRA.

The central argument of the CRA is that an outstanding loan needed to be repaid; compliant and legal proof of this debt settlement can only be provided by the Justice Pharma Program. However, the CRA has made additional legal arguments to deny the tax credits; these claims are not at all related to the debt settlement with Justice. Although the debt settlement proof is crucial for receiving the tax credit, it cannot be explained away by law; solid evidence is required. Alternatively, the CRA’s additional claims for denial must be squelched in purely legal terms; as such, Justice cannot provide assistance in these realms.

Justice recently teamed up with Profitable Giving Canada [PGC] to provide Participants with the full support needed to defend themselves against the CRA. The PGC Board of Directors has approved funding and legal support in tax court for a Class of members, who participated in one or more of the four pharma tax shelter programs, and have settled their donation debts using the Justice Pharma Program. Each Participant qualify to participate in this class action; full details can be found on the PGC website. It is important to join now, prior to any price increases.

We strongly recommend joining the Class of PGC Members and Justice participants, who want to defend their tax credits. Justice and PGC will provide all of the support and documentation necessary to prove the debt settlement, once you join the class action and give them permission. This is by far the best choice since very few individuals are able to defend themselves alone in tax court.

If you have additional donation debts that require settlement, it is imperative that you contact your local Justice Affiliate. PGC’s legal advisors tell us that debts which are not settled through the Justice Pharma Debt Settlement Program cannot be successfully defended in tax court by PGC or anyone.