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Innovation at Justice Trading

Justice Trading has invested a tremendous amount in improving their technology and work processes. Effective next month, every Justice Pharma Debt Settlement Program [the Program] participant [the Participant] will receive online, real-time access to their suborders. The status of each suborder can be tracked from the initial purchase through to the final settlement from any device (i.e. iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, and computer) that has Internet connection! Moreover, each participant will be able to download pertinent documents, which serve as important legal evidence for each step in the debt settlement process.

Participants will soon receive a unique username and password to access their personal profile on the Justice Trading Website; an area we refer to as the “Private Room”.
We believe this is revolutionary! Technological power ensures ongoing transparency and increased efficiency in customer relations, and Participants will be able to quickly and effortlessly organize and update their portfolio in real-time. Soon Justice Trading will also be able to notify Participants via SMS/ email of any change in status so that they stay connected.

The Private Room is secured, protected, and has an intuitive User Interface, which uses cutting-edge technologies, accompanied by illustrations and animations that ensure ease and clarity.
These special features grant each Participant real-time access, information, and protection; this infrastructure should give each Participant a true sense of confidence.

Below is a screenshot of the Private Room, which depicts the debt settlement process steps for a specific suborder.

Welcome to Justice Customer Relations Revolution!