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How it Works is committed to helping COIP (Canadian Organization for International Philanthropy), RLG (Relief Lending Group), MLF (Mission Life Financial Inc) and PGI (Pharma Gifts International Inc) program donors achieve full debt settlement.  The program puts at your disposal the combined knowledge and experience of several entities who, together with an expanding base of personal settlement advisors, can help guide you to a customized fully-compliant end-to-end solution.

How you can settle your loan obligation

There are only two viable options for compliantly settling a tax shelter loan obligation with the COIP, RLG, MLF and PGI programs that are in keeping with the legal ramifications (for the lender/promoter) and the tax ramifications (for the CRA):

1) One way is to pay off your tax shelter donation loan in cash. According to the contract you signed, you would be required to pay back to the lender the full amount of your loan (that was intended for the purchase of pharmaceuticals).

2) The other, more attractive, way is to satisfy your loan with delivery of the identical pharmaceuticals you promised. Your contract says that instead of paying off the loan in cash, you may return the exact set of pharmaceuticals that were originally purchased.

Delivery of Identical Pharmaceuticals

Our program — the Justice Pharma (Debt Settlement) ProgramTM (the “Program”)  — provides pharmaceuticals approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP 4
standards. Our state of the art data management system and algorithms are proven to identify the exact match of the type and quantity required in your original loan agreement, and our methods of production and analysis ensure and guarantee the certified identical quality. Through our proprietary system and aggregating purchasers across the country, the Program achieves the purchasing power on your behalf of a multinational pharmaceutical enterprise. Thanks to the 1000+ donors who have put their force behind this reputable settlement process, we are able to provide this at only one-tenth the amount of your original debt!  This comprehensive solution also includes management, logistics, insurance, storage and delivery services, as well as third-party audit services, certifications and inventory.

You can be assured that you will be able to fully meet your contractual obligations for all COIP, RLG, MLF and PGI programs, versions and years.

You can move forward to a resolution with confidence knowing that we also have personal advisors with our Program who are here to help you in any way along the way to achieving justice.