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The “Final Evidence Packages”

We are excited to announce that the first round of “Final Evidence Packages” that is queued for distribution is in production! The Final Evidence Packages will include the pertinent documentation and testimony needed to unequivocally substantiate the complete fulfillment of all outsta
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Relief Lending Group (“RLG”) Tax Shelter Program

Why the COIP Promoters Created RLG In 2008, the same managing minds behind the scenes of COIP tax shelter program, decided to concurrently launch a parallel tax shelter program, from the COIP offices at 27 Kodiak Crescent in Toronto, Ontario. Their original reasons for adding RLG whil
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The Canadian Organization for International Philanthropy (“COIP”) was the head promoter of a major Canadian pharmaceutical donation tax shelter program, also known as a registered profitable gifting arrangement (“RPGA”). COIP’s RPGA was registered in 2006 with Revenue Quebec and with
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